Angitha Sahib

GURUDWARA (SANT MANDAL) ANGITHA SAHIB, SANT BABA ISHAR SINGH JI LAMBIAN Sec. 62 MOHALI falls in Distt ROPAR PUNJAB. This is a Meditation place of two Great religious personalities BHAGAT KURAM JI MAHARAJ, the follower of SHRI GURU HAR RAI SAHIB JI and SANT BABA ISHAR SINGH JI MAHARAJthe follower of SHRI MAAN ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN, SANT BABA ATAR SINGH JI MAHARAJ. They Meditated for a long at this place and worked there consistently to woo the minds of Sikh Community for linking thier Heart and Soul with the GURBANI. The unique built up of GURDWARA SAHIB, carved with white marble tiles on four walls of GURDWARA along with five Sky – Socketting milky tombs Speak themselves the architectural beauty of the monument. The Shrine appears to be real landmarks to the Great personalities of Sikh Community.

A humble request is being made to the honourable Sangat of GURDWARA (SANT MANDAL) ANGITHA SAHIB sec.62 MOHALI. Neither any collection is being made by the GURDWARA nor an appeal is made for monetary requirement. People should be beware of any person or agency who appeal for such collection rather should immidiately inform the GURDWARA ANGITHA SAHIB authorities. There is no link of any other place or GURDWARA except the place mentioned in this Website.