He was born in the year of 1888 at village Meherna Kalan,Diatt Ludhiana to Mata Daya Kaur and Father S.Gurdit singh. In the early years of life he helped his father in agricultural jobs and also did horse riding during his spare time. When he became adult he joined Army. During Ist World War he fought the enemy very bravely. During Army services he came in contact with Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji of Mastuana Sahib. Due to the persuasion of Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji he partook Amrit and this completely transformed his life. He got discharged from Army in 1918 and came back to his native village. His marriage was solemnized with Bibi Nand Kaur D/o Hazura Singh of village Buwani, Distt. Ludhiana. He spent few years at his village and discharged all the responsibilities of married life. However,he could not devote much time towards married life and left his house and started living at Gurdwara Mastuana Sahib where he used to meditate deeply for long hours. During his stay at Mastuana Sahib he undertook pilgrimage and visited many religious places such as Guru ki Kashi,Sri Hazoor Sahib,Sri Anandpur Sahib,Sri Harmandir Sahib,Sri Damdama Sahib and many other places of religious importance. He stayed for a short time at Gurdwara Damdama Sahib and started SEWA over there. He used to sit at the bank of the canal and meditate there. He could not stay there for long and returned to Gurdwara Mastuana Sahib where he started the “SEWA” of forest cutting under the guidance of Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji. He learnt kirtan and reciting of Gurbani with santji. Since Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji was very much impressed by his faithful and devoted services,he decided to give a very important assignment to Sant Isher Singh ji. Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji sent him to district Ambala with an advice to preach Guru,s teachings/Bani to the habitants of various villages in the distrct of Ambala. . During this period he undertook Kar Sewa of Gurdwara Amb Sahib (Mohali) in the year 1926 and also started one high school for the education of the children of the area. Kar Sewa of Gurdwara Bouli Sahib (village-Dhakoli) was carried out in the year 1932 and that of Gurdwara Nadda Sahib in the year of 1933. Another Kar sewa of Gurdwara Sahib at village Choe Majra was completed in the year 1956 He also carried out kar sewa at Gurdwara Dhana Bhagat village Lambian in the year 1968. He was very keen to live in the village Lambian and hence wished to make his Ashram over there. The people of the area were very happy to learn this and offered as much land as was required for this purpose free of cost. He made an Ashram over there which was later on named as “SANT MANDAL”.He used to preach the teachings of the Gurus and started Amrit Parchar very vigorously. The place where Sant ji used to sit and meditate has been preserved as “Tap Asthan” in the premises of the Gurdwara Sant Mandal.

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