Baba Mohinder Singh Ji

Baba Mohinder Singh ji
SANT BABA MAHINDER SINGH JI LAMBIAN SAHIB WALE born with the sacred parentage of SARDAR HARNAM SINGH JI as a father and MATA AMAR KAUR alias AKKI as a mother. Sant ji started his journey of life with SANT ISHAR SINGH JI at the age of 9 year soas to follow the footsteps of this Great Personality. He served SANT ISHAR SINGH JI MAHARAJ Whole heartedly and took ‘AMRIT OF Khanda – Batta’ in1955 from the same Holy Saint. He performed Kar-Seva at GURUDWARA ANGIHTA SAHIB along with SANT ISHAR SINGH JI and also worked for such sacred services at many other GURUDWARAS.Then SANT MAHINDER SINGH JI visited village LAMBIAN WALI along with SANT ISHAR SINGH JI MAHARAJ. He acknowledged the requests of Holy Sangat of this village to found the GURDWARA SANT MANDAL SAHIB there. When SANT BABA JI went to SACHH KHAND this GURDWARA become famous with the name of GURDWARA SANT MANDAL ANGITHA SAHIB SANT BABA ISHAR SINGH JI LAMBIAN Sec. 62 MOHALI. Like SANT BABA ISHAR SINGH JI MAHARAJ, this Saint also helped in establishing other GURUDWARAS at differnet places. He helped in installing NISHAN SAHIB and SAROVAR at GURUDWARA SINGH SHAHEEDAN SOHANA, GURDWARA SINGH SHAHEEDAAN (TAKKI SAHIB) , VILLAGE MANNOLI,SECTOR 82, S.A.S NAGAR, MOHALI, GURDWARA SANT MANDAL SAHIB village sandhuan (CHAMKAUR SAHIB), distt. Ropar and at GURUDWARA DHANNA BHAGAT at village RURHKA. Now BABA JI is delivering his holy Kirtan on world-wide bases and linking the lakhs of mind with PAVITAR GURBANI of SHRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB by visiting various places abroad.Several orphans are getting their free religious education from BABA JI in premises of GURUDWARA LAMBIAN SAHIB When SANT MAHARAJ BABA ISHAR SING JI went to SACHH-KHAND, Sikh Community and local residents handed over the management services of GURUDWARA ANGITHA SAHIB,SANT ISHAR SINGH JI LAMBIAN to SANT MAHINDER SINGH.

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